If an athlete wants to go pro, they get coached.  If a person wants to get in shape, they use a personal trainer. If someone wants to buy a house, they use a real estate agent. The point is that in many areas of our lives we use professionals and experts to help us get to where we want to be, except our finances!  Most people are very prideful and private when it comes to managing their finances, and the thought of having someone getting all up in their business is scary!  I want to go over some of the benefits of hiring a Financial Counselor that may have you thinking differently about letting someone review your finances.

Financial Counselors are NOT product pushers!

Financial Counselors aren’t interested in selling you a new insurance policy or getting you into a specific investment portfolio; that’s not their job! Their main focus is guiding you towards achieving your financial goals by coaching and counseling you in money saving techniques.

Financial Counselors are UNBIASED!

The problem most people have with managing their money is that they are emotionally connected to it.  The benefit of using a Financial Counselor is that they are completely unbiased when it comes to reviewing your finances.  They simply assist you with comparing your current financial situation to your financial goals, and develop a strategic plan on how to achieve those goals in a way that goes hand in hand with your core values.

It’s not all about the MONEY with Financial Counselors!

Money impacts everything around you and everything around you impacts your finances.  Financial Counselors help you figure out what’s impacting your finances.  They help give you the confidence needed to overcome some of the fears associated with getting your finances in order.  They push you to change in ways that will only benefit you in the long run.

Overall, Financial Counselors are very beneficial in helping you get to the next step in your financial journey.  They work with people of all ages and all stages of a journey.  If you’re trying to take your finances to a new level or you’re just frustrated with the way your finances are, consider hiring a Financial Counselor.