March 7, 2016

Work with Me

Work exclusively with me to develop a system that will save you time and increase your net worth! These laser focused sessions will help identify your current financial needs, a strategy for improving specific financial behaviors, and customized techniques tailored to fit your lifestyle.

Package 1‐ All Inclusive Budget Coaching

This package is intended for those who struggle with keeping track of spending; are unable to create or stick with a budget; are unable to achieve financial goals; and are overall fed up with the way their finances are being handled. This package works great for those just starting out with managing their finances, or for those who are looking to kick start their finances in the right direction. It includes:

• 12 hours of one-on-one coaching
• Personalized budget and spending plan
• Customized financial filing system
• Monthly cash flow and spending reports
• Preparation of tax documents

Package Cost: $600 

Package 2- All Inclusive Debt Management Coaching

This package is intended for those struggling with large amounts of debt, and are unable to make any progress towards paying the debt off. This package works great for those who have some sort of grasp on budgeting, but need additional support when it comes to tackling debt. It includes:

• 12 hours of one-on-one coaching
• Customized debt payoff plan and assistance with debt management
• Credit review; help with disputes and clean up
• Personalized financial file system
• Monthly cash flow and spending reports

Package Cost: $1200

Elite Financial Management

This is intended for individuals seeking premier coaching for wealth and asset management. The service package is designed to offer a customized, holistic financial experience; offering a la carte services such as bill pay, financial education for children, customized household management, and much more!

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“Ashley completely changed the way I look at my personal finances. I had become accustomed to organizing my bills for the 1st and the 15th of every month, but when my company changed the payroll cycle to bi-weekly, I was completely thrown off! After working with Ashley, I was able to organize and budget in a way that fit the NEW way I was getting paid! Now, I have more control and am confident with the way my finances are being managed.” — Betty M. 


“Before financial counseling, I was not able to stash money away at all. I was always concerned about not having enough money to pay my bills. Now, I’m not only able to pay everything, but I’m actually able to save money! Ashley was extremely helpful and informative.” — Sam M.


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***Consultations are 15-20 minute power calls  to provide information about my coaching style, and to help determine if financial counseling is a good fit for you!***