Welcome to Budget Brain Consulting!

I am your budget coach Ashley Narcisse. I specialize in coaching talented individuals towards financial success everyday; turning them into what I like to call “Budget Brainiacs.”

As a California native, I am all too familiar with how expensive “life” can get. Our goal here at BBC is to make your finances our business, and to help free you from the burdens that money often creates.

I’ve been in the banking and finance industry for ten years, and have helped numerous people restructure their financial situations, and bring value back to their lives.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, I’m a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), and am currently in the process of receiving my Accredited Financial Counselor® certification through the AFCPE®. My experience and education provides what you need to be successful at managing your money.

As with any other coach, I take my “team” through various phases of growth and development, with targeted assignments and routines. I teach you how to buy into the system of personal finance to help you come out on top.

Grab your pencil and paper, and let’s gear up for the best season of your life!






Our counseling programs are designed to assist you with achieving your financial goals, and live the blessed life through Biblically-based principles. Avoid bankruptcy, debt consolidation, and ruined relationships by strengthening and re-energizing your financial life!




1. You’re drowning in debt and can’t find your way out.

2. You and your spouse can’t agree on anything financially.

3. You’re not sure where your money goes and you’re unable to save for anything.

4. You’re financially stable, but have a desire to maintain and build wealth.

5. You’re looking for guidance on major life events such as retirement, a new child, college, etc.

There is a ton of information here on our site that can help with getting you started with the process of moving your money in the right direction.

Check out our blog for budgeting tips, financial organization strategies, video tutorials, and much more to help jump start your journey today!




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