How does financial counseling work?

Working with an Accredited Financial Counselor is slightly different than working with a Certified Financial Planner or a Financial Advisor because Financial Counselors provide clear, unbiased advice and counseling on all money matters and throughout different financial stages.

The main goal of Financial Counselors is to be a valuable resource and to strengthen their client’s relationship with money through various techniques and money management skills. No matter where you are with money, financial counseling is extremely beneficial.

Will I always need a Financial Counselor?

Financial Counselors always say we’re one of the few professions that attempts to work ourselves out of a job. Our primary goal is to educate and train our clients to be able to make sound financial decisions and to manage money confidently on their own. Every person’s circumstance is different, so the amount of time you will work with a Financial Counselor depends on your overall financial situation. Counselors are trained to identify when a client is ready to “set out on their own,” but will always be available for follow ups and continued support.

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