5 Tools and Apps to Help You Have a Financially Successful Holiday

Making it through the holidays financially successful is a tall order.

There are gifts, parties, and activities that can ruin a budget, and have you starting the new year with dreaded holiday debt. Try avoiding that “holiday hangover” by using these five tools.

Money Tracking Tools

Good Budget

This takes a little bit to get used to, but this is a great tool to use to track your spending, and to make sure you’re staying within your set budget. You basically create virtual envelopes, and use it just like the standard envelope method.  For holiday shopping purposes, create a Christmas spending envelope before you head out to shop, and stay on top of your spending by entering your purchase amounts.  Sounds tedious, but it’s very easy to input the amount from your receipt as you leave the store.


This is another great way to keep track of your spending while Christmas Shopping.  One of the great things about using Mint is that it will connect to your accounts (this part takes awhile), and track transactions for you. Create a Christmas budget, and have the app track it.

Money Saving App


I talked about this in a previous post, and I feel like it’s definitely worth mentioning again.  This is an app that keeps track of all of the sales in one place.  Basically, it does the shopping around for you, and you end up with the best deals.  I don’t know about you, but I seriously don’t have time to run all over town (or internet) looking for deals!  This is the perfect way to save on time and gas.

Shop For Kids

The title is almost self explanatory, but basically this is a great way to shop for your kids and get the best deals on toys and clothing. It’s great for parents on the go who are looking for deals plus convenience.  It compares retailer prices,  and allows you to purchase right from your phone.  You can also see the latest reviews on each product.

Target Cartwheel

This is great to use any time of the year if you’re a regular Target shopper. You can find deals right on your phone,  and have the savings deducted when you check out.


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