The Top Five Things FINCON17 Taught Me

FinCon is a financial conference that equips the personal finance community with the skills and knowledge to better serve their audiences. This year was my first FinCon experience, and, admittedly, it was a lot of information to take in. However, I want to share the top five things FinCon taught me, and how you can use this information to improve your finances.

1. The Future of Finance is Much More Personal

Lynette Khalfani-Cox was one of the “Big Idea” speakers, and used the Matrix effect to describe the future of finance. What this looks like is a form of technology similar to the Amazon Echo Dot, that uses everything about you (health, shopping habits, employment, etc.) to help you make better financial decisions with a simple command. This may sound scary, but it’s actually a beneficial way for you to get customized financial advice anytime you want it. Cinch Financial is on the leading edge of this sort of technology.

The key takeaway from this is: everything about you impacts your money! If you’re looking for financial success, pay attention to some of your smallest habits, and begin taking action to improve them.

2. Accountability Partners Are Vital for Personal Success

Teaming up and communicating your goals, and struggles, with like-minded individuals is what propels your situation from “meh” to amazing.  FinCon was created out of ideas bounced around in a mastermind group. It started with a need for community and support, and is now the top personal finance conference for bloggers, writers, podcastors, etc. The collaborations and partnerships that have come out of FinCon, have resulted in millions of dollars being made.

The key takeaway from this is: Find an accountability partner or group! Unbiased support and partnerships are game-changers for any type of success.

3. You Have an Obligation to Make and Manage Your Money

Farnoosh Torabi was also a “Big Idea” speaker. She talked about how no matter what level of success you achieve, you have an obligation to do more. Making and managing money starts off as a self-focused journey, but eventually turns into a service-focused mission. The biggest influencers at FinCon were willingly pouring tips and practical advice into almost everyone they encountered throughout the conference; without any expectation for something in return. They’ve amassed major success, yet found more value in their service to others.

The key takeaway from this is: Your family, community, and future generations depend on you to make and manage money responsibly.

4. People Matter

This was made very clear on day one of the conference. Successful relationships and partnerships depend on your ability to actively listen, and to be present during interactions. Real value is found in the stories behind the person sharing the information.

The key takeaway from this is: In everything you do, have a service like mentality. Everyone has gifts and a story to tell!

5. Consistency is key!

This, by far, is my biggest takeaway from FinCon. I thought there was a special formula for achieving mass success, but it really it boils down to consistency. Some of the biggest influencers consistently provided content before seeing any sort of success. They kept going even when success seemed out of reach.

The key takeaway from this is: Keep going! Creating a solid financial system requires your time, energy, and commitment!

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